Polestar 2 reliability & safety

There's no concrete data yet, but Volvo roots bode well for the Polestar 2 in these areas

Polestar 2

As it's a recent release from a low-volume manufacturer, there's a lot still to be found out about the Polestar 2's reliability and safety credentials. However, parent firm Volvo's decent reputation for dependability bodes well, as does its famous focus on safety.

The Polestar 2 hasn't been crash-tested by Euro NCAP yet, but every single recent Volvo has passed its evaluations with flying colours.

Polestar 2 reliability & problems

You needn’t worry about reliability. While the Polestar brand is still relatively unknown, its Volvo parent company performed well in the most recent Driver Power owner satisfaction survey – placing 10th in the top 30 manufacturers rundown. One of the few complaints Volvo owners listed was with regards to running costs, although that’s unlikely to be any cause for concern here.


Euro NCAP focuses its efforts on higher-volume cars, so the Polestar 2 hasn't been crash-tested yet. However, given the high precedent set by a number of related Volvo models, it's unlikely that there's anything to worry about in terms of passive crash safety. 

On the active side of things, there's plenty to help keep impacts from happening in the first place: access to all of the latest Volvo systems is a good thing. All Polestar 2 models get a Collision Mitigation system, which uses front and rear-facing radars to take 'preventative measures' when a crash is likely to occur; these include warning the driver by a pulsing through the brake pedal or visual and audio cues, followed by an application of the brakes if required. The system also incorporates steering assistance, seatbelt pre-tensioners and automatic pre-braking.

Other standard safety systems include road-sign recognition, adaptive cruise control with stop-go functionality, 'Pilot Assist' lane-keeping assistance, cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, a 360-degree camera and all-round parking sensors. It's worth noting that many of these features, including adaptive cruise, are optional extras on the rival Jaguar I-Pace.