EV Charge Online service rolls out software updates and new features

UK charging point access service works with 4,000 charging points

Peugeot 508 Hybrid charging

EV Charge Online, the UK electric-car charging point access service operated by home wallbox manufacturer Rolec EV, has rolled out new features and a software update after experiencing "significant demand" during the coronavirus lockdown.

Rather than installing or operating its own points, the EV Charge Online service operates as a 'gateway' for seamless access to other operators' charging points. Using the service's smartphone app, electric-car drivers can search for a charging point, check its status and availability and pay for a charging session, without having to sign up for an account or subscription or pay an access fee.

Businesses operating charging points are encouraged to list their chargers on the app. Through it they can offer free charging if desired, as well as pay-as-you-go options. They also see analytics and historical data concerning their charging points' use.

The software can also be useful for fleet managers and operators, displaying data on charging amounts and costs for a fleet of vehicles. The service can be used by visiting evcharge.online or downloading the app from the Apple or Android stores.